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Improve Your Indoor Weather

Is your kids bedroom drafty and freezing cold all winter? Is your second floor blazing hot on sunny summer days? EnergyMen have the right solutions for your home...

Chicagoland - Save on Utility Bills

EnergyMens scientific analysis and building performance improvements mean eliminating energy waste, with no compromises in comfort - while saving money every day...

Green, Greener, Greenest

Driving a Prius, but living in a gas guzzler? Homes in the USA use more energy than all the cars on the road - and waste far more energy too. Improve your home MPG with EnergyMen...

Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy

Your indoor air quality can be affected by many common home construction practices, some of which can pose health hazards for family members most at risk - EnergyMen can help...

Your Home's Secrets - Unlocked!

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Stay Warm in the Winter -
Be Cool in the Summer -
Stop Wasting Energy...

Your Home Comfort Heroes Can Save You Money With Our Building Performance Science

Improved Energy Efficiency and Increased Comfort Starts with EnergyMen




“Thermographic House” Picture Courtesy of National Geographic Magazine/Photo by Tyrone Turner


Learn more about common heating and cooling problems you might have in Chicago, and how the EnergyMen can help!

How do the EnergyMen do it?  Read more about our Home performance Science:

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Residential Services

  • Eliminate Troublesome Problems
  • Reduce Utility Bills
  • Add Value to Your Home
  • Improve Comfort for the Family

Unlock Your Homes Secrets

Maybe you've just moved in, and experienced your first Chicago winter in your new home (and found out walking barefoot in the kitchen or living room isn't a good idea) - or perhaps you've been living in your home for many years (and your kids are still complaining about how cold it is in their rooms). EnergyMen looks at your house as a system, analyzes what the sources of the problems are, and creates and implements the most cost effective solutions for your home.

Multi-Family Services

  • Condominiums, CoOps, Rentals
  • Lower Costs of Operation
  • Improved Building Durability
  • Eliminate Resident Comfort Issues

Bigger Building, Bigger Problem?

Much of Chicagoland housing stock was built more than 50 years ago.
This means that insulation levels are low (or even non-existent), overall air movement is uncontrolled, creating uncomfortable, drafty conditions, and furnaces and boilers have reached the end of their service life, consuming much more (costly) energy to keep residents comfortable.
EnergyMen will identify the issues specific to your situation, and create solutions that are cost effective to implement.

New Construction

  • Consulting and Commissioning Services
  • Real World Energy Efficiency
  • Airsealing and Insulation
  • Rightsizing HVAC and Duct Sealing

Building it Better

It shouldn't cost more to build a tight, well insulated home - and with EnergyMen, it won't.
Small improvements in construction methods can mean big improvements in customer satisfaction.
EnergyMen can help in applying the most cost effective techniques and materials to achieve "best practice" in interior comfort and home energy efficiency - good for your business, and good for the planet.